eyebrowWaxing is a process that entails hair removal from the root in a semi-permanent way. The hair removed through waxing grows back again after a duration of 2-8 weeks. Almost all hair that grows on the body can be removed.

Areas of the body that may require waxing are:

Facial wax of which the brows, lip, chin and cheeks may require hair removal.

The body wax includes hair removal under the arms, on the arms, abdomen, bikini area, chest, back and legs.

It is worthy to keep note that there are some very sensitive areas of the body that should not be waxed which include the eyelids and eyelashes.

There are afew varieties of waxing available;

Hot Wax

This is a special type of wax and the ingredients include bees wax and natural resins. These ingredients are melted at a high temperature and then the wax hardens as it undergoes cooling. It is then applied to the area and using a cloth or cotton, it is pressed to the surface and later removed with the unwanted hair pulled out.

Cold Wax

The ingredients may include paraffin wax and resins. This type of waxing is particularly convenient for removal of hair from large surfaces such as the back. The advantage of this type of waxing is that it does not dry and harden before its application to the entire surface. The setback is that one might get wax residue making one to have to pull or scrape it off.

Why wax?

Waxing has various benefits:bikini

It exfoliates the skin. This ensures removal of the oldest dead skin and leaves the skin refreshed. This can help with the process of looking younger.

The skin stays smooth and soft over a long period of time.

It reduces skin damage as compared to other methods of hair removal

Waxing is easy and can be done at home

One can remove large amounts of hair at once.

It is efficient since it removes hair for a more long lasting period as compared to the creams that will remove only from the surface.

However, there are some side effects when it comes to waxing, the can include, Redness of skin, Pimples, Bumps, Irritation, Pain, Change of skin colour, Loss of skin elasticity, Bruising or even bleeding, Folliculitis or Burns.

These side effects can be treated though use of ice or even cold compressors. You can take aspirin before getting waxed to prevent anticipated pain. Another suggestion is to use moisturizers to soothe pain and irritation. If the damage persists you should go and see a dermatologist.

Waxing is highly efficient method but probably not as good as using threading for some areas fo the face and body. Whichever the case, it should be done by a professional if you want the best results. most beauty salons can offer waxing and threading alongside the manicures and pedicures.