Eyebrow Tinting £5

For anyone who may have missed this. Now doing eyebrow tinting for everyone.

Patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to application.

Only £5.00 and of course looks great with threading also at only £5.00

eyebrow art

No, I didn’t thread this 🙂 Wonderful make up artistry from a lady named Tal Peleg. She has more designs on her facebook page. Enjoy.



Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is getting more and more popular and many people are asking if I do it or not.

It is something I have done in the past but not for quite a while so I thought I would try on myself to see how it goes.

I got myself a good eyebrow tint, I went for dark brown and a few other items I needed and gave it a try.

My brows did darken a little but as mine are vey dark anyway, I think I needed to leave the dye on a little longer or get myself a darker dye.

I have tried the dye on a friend/ client and the results were brilliant. I probably could have left the dye on longer but as it was a test I didn’t want to push it. Very happy with the results and something I might add to my services in the future.