Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading only £5.00

When threading is used for hair removal it is generally used only on facial areas along with the hands.

The most common place for threading is the eyebrows and in eastern countries especially, threading is the most popular method when it comes to eyebrow hair removal and shaping.

Since coming to the U.K, I realise that threading has only got popular here in recent years and only then in some areas of the country. Many people use waxing for the eyebrows but I believe threading to be the superior method.

As I have previously mentioned on the threading page, only the thread comes into contact with the skin, which makes for a more hygienic approach. I know some people have no problems with waxing but for those with quite sensitive skin, waxing can cause irratations.

A common question I get asked before threading eyebrows is, does it hurt? People have different pain threshholds and I am sure you knowhow it feels to pluck your hairs out and this is similar, although a number come out in one go. The first few times will be the worst and after that the hairs will slowly begin to grow back finer and finer and you will find any discomfort to be less and less. I have not had anyone
scream yet and it’s not really that bad. You may experience alittle watering in the eye and that would be all.

The appointment time will vary, it can be anything from 5 minutes to 20 minutes and this will depend upon your eyebrows growth and the shaping of them and, of course, if you are happy.