facial massage One of the services I provide is a facial, but what does a facial entail and what are the benefits?

A good facial is a rewarding and relaxing experience that is there to take you away from your everyday stresses of life and give you the luxury of being pampered. And when you are relaxed the body releases endorphins which are hormones that make you happy.

A massage will stimulate circulation and the production of calogen and therefore a facial massage will bring improved circulation to the face which in turn helps with the energy flow to the face allowing fresh oxygen to reach the skin.

A facial massage works wonders for the complexion by creating one that is smoother and more radiant. They are great for restoring your skins natural glow and tightening the skin. Your skin is also rejuvenated by way of removing the skins dead cells and cleansing the pores and this helps the skin look younger and firmer. By removing the dead cells, new healthier cells are encouraged to grow and may slow the appearance of wrinkles.  A facial also works to keep the skin hydrated and helps to delay the aging process.

A facial will usually begin with cleansing as this removes and bacteria and dirt on the surface of the skin. This is usually followed by a pampering massage to benefit your well being. The face will then be steamed which helps to soften then skin and this is followed by exfoliation. Exfoliation is an important part of the process as it removes the dead skin cells that could well block pores and create skin problems. A mask will then be applied to the face which will help to draw out unwanted debris and oils from the skin.

After a facial the skin will be clearer, feel softer and will tighten up and will begin to white maskfight the effects caused by the environment.

The duration between facials will depend upon your skin. If your skin is oily or you are prone to acne and blocked pores, a facial every two weeks until any problems are cleared is probably advisable. As your skin begins gets better you can space out the time between facials to a month. If your skin is of the dry or normal type then a facial massage in Cornwall once a month should serve just fine.

A treatment every month is advisable to help maintain the skins health which, as we know, delays the signs of aging and is great for your well being.