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threadMy favoured form of hair removal is threading although I only tend to use this on the facial area. I have used the threading technique of removing hair for the past 20 years, mainly for eyebrows and upper lip as these are the areas that require the most attention when it comes to facial hair.

Threading is a great form of hair removal originating in the eastern world being popular in India, China and Arab countries and only until recently getting more popular in the western world. Waxing and plucking were traditionally the stable methods of hair removal in the U.K for many years but more and more salons are now starting to offer threading as an alternative.

The only equipment used when threading is a length of cotton thread and although it is possible to learn to be able to use this technique on yourself it is far easier to get a professional to do it for you. The basics of threading involves taking a piece of cotton thread, twisting it into a loop and quickly rolling it against the skin where hair is needed to be removed. The twisted loop pulls at the hairs and lifts them out.

As the hairs are pulled they are plucked out at the follicle level which is similar to plucking with tweezers. However, unlike tweezers in which the hairs are pulled out individually, threading can remove an entire row of hair resulting in straighter lines which is alot more efficient and better when threading eye brows. This is also one of the best and effective methods for shaping the eyebrows.

One of the biggest advantages of threading is the fact it is extremely sanitary as nothing but the thread touches the skin. No chemicals are used on the skin so there is no risk of any reactions or irratations that may cause discomfort.

Threading removes the finest of hair with ease and doesn’t leave the area swollen or redeyebrow as waxing can. The hair grows back extremely fine and becomes finer and finer with each threading. Threaded hair usually lasts around 2 to 4 weeks which is a similar time to waxing.  It is very fast and is especially effective on people who struggle to get their eyebrows straight.

After a threading session you will be hair free and your skin completely smooth and its a technique that combines both waxing and tweezing as it has the control and precision that using tweezers has but the instant removal of a large number of hairs that waxing achieves.

As waxing can sometimes take layers of the skin off, people on some medication, such as for acne, will find threading a much better alternative to waxing due to the fact the skin can thin out under certain medications.

Summing up, the advantage of threading is that for the skin it is much healthier and there are no ingrown hairs formed. Chemicals arn’t used on the skin so there can be no chance of any reaction. It doesn’t matter if your skin is sensitive or not so for those who can’t wax it is a great alternative. The results will last between 2 and 4 weeks, sometimes longer, which is similar to waxing results. Removing hair by threading will help the skins texture leaving it tighter and glowing. Threading will also exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

Have you tried threading before or want an introduction to a new and effective way of removing hair? Give me a call and we can get your first threading session underway and who knows, you may want a facial massage aswell. Once you have compared it your current method you will be converted and never want to return to your old way of shifting those hairs.